Update Schema and Collection

I’m developing an application that I’m using GraphQL as a service.
I created an API in the Postman APIs section and choose my Schema file and base on that I generated a collection. Now my Schema file updated but when I click on Refresh in APIs section my schema isn’t updated and I should update that manually also I don’t have any solution for updating my collection base on my new schema file! Because when I click on Generate Collection I must generate another collection and I can’t update the last collection that I generated for this schema base on the changes that I have!
Have they anything for these problems that I can’t find them or they don’t have any solution for these basic requirements?

Hi @mehdibahrami

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We are aware of this situation and understand how important this is. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this at present. We are currently tracking this feature on GitHub - below is the link for the same:

Feel free to upvote or add any additional comments on GitHub that will help our team look into it while building the feature. Thank you!! :slight_smile: