Update existing schema

I’m trying to update our current schema in postman, but I only seem to be able to create a new API and therefore a new collection.

We currently generate an openapi 3 schema from our source code. We uploaded it into postman and generated a collection.

Next, we made changes to the schema.

Now we need to update the current schema (which is attached to the collection with all our tests).

The problem is when I import the schema, it doesn’t seem there’s a way to update the old one, only create a new one.

How do I update, or at least change which api the collection is linked to?

If PM just creates new API definitions and therefore generates new collections, what happens to all our test scripts?

I’ve been reading all the topics on this matter here and in Github and it sounds like every time we update our schema and import it, we lose all of our tests and have to re-create them.

Is this correct?