API First schema definition validation on Documentation Collection does not update errors

I have an API first schema definition using OpenAPI.
I generated a collection for “documentation” from that schema.
When I go to the develop tab and click “validate” I get errors.
When I try to “select all” and fix those errors, they do not go away.
If this is “generated” why are there errors?
Why doesn’t the validation confirmation changes fix the problems.

I can only add three images, so skipping the first one where I click on “select all” and “confirm”

Hey @enric.ribas do the errors still persist if you hit Validate Again?

Yes, if I “validate again”. I see the same errors as before.
I didn’t upload the first image (due to 3 image limit), but it looked the same as the last image

Got it thanks, let me see if I can get some input on this.

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Hey @enric.ribas , is it possible to share the schema? It will help us in triaging the issue. :slight_smile:

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sure, how do I do that?
Is the link to my workspace enough?

Botco - Botco Workspace (postman.co)

@enric.ribas Since I do not have the access to the workspace, could you upload the schema file in the comment or email at help@getpostman.com?

sent to help@getpostman.com


Hey @enric.ribas, Thanks for sharing the schema. The schema that we received had syntax errors(invalid JSON). We fixed the errors and tried the steps mentioned here. We could not reproduce it. Could you check if you are still seeing any errors? If yes, would it be possible to send a video recording of the steps to reproduce it?

I don’t know how it had errors since I did an export of schema from Postman, which does not show me any errors. :man_shrugging:

First image, removed a comma to prove that an error in schema will prevent “prettify”. Schema has unsaved changes.
Second image, added back the removed comma, no unsaved changes. There are no errors, I can run prettify with no issues. I export the schema, copy to VSCode, save as JSON.

But I will take a look.
Thank you.

It says the schema is validated at the bottom, so not what errors you are seeing. Not sure what else I can do.

Can you not check if my schema is valid without copy/pasting ? Can you check the status of my API?

Here is a link to a video where you can see my schema is Valid.
I try to validate issues. It says they are validated, but then the issues are back again.


Hey @enric.ribas, thanks for sharing the video. We are able to reproduce the issue now. We are working on the fix and will update here once this is resolved.

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Any rough estimate when this will be fixed? Days, weeks, months?

Thank you

Seriously, just an update. Any estimate?
We are not using Postman until this is fixed.
We don’t need Postman if this doesn’t work.
Any idea when this will be fixed?