API Query timeout Issue

Hello All,

I have an API query which is executed based on start date and end Date and it is able to fetch data from third party tool but for specific date API query keeps on running and output is not visible.

I manually verified the data in third party tool and data is available.

That’s going to be an issue with the API, or the how the request is formatted.

Not a Postman issue per se. I can only suggest reviewing the API specification to check how the queries need to be crafted.

If its not returning data, the API should really return a status code of “204 - no content” rather than 200 ok. It doesn’t look like that request timed out when it probably should have. (Which is another status code again).

If you hover on this icon it should give you more info as to what’s happening with the network, looks like it may be blocked.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 10.31.10

Please also check this page on the Learning Center showing you how to troubleshoot requests: