API always returns 404 only while running using Monitoring

Issue: I have a collection of 50 APIs that work fine when run locally. However, when I set up API monitoring, some of the APIs randomly fail, returning a 404 error.


  • The APIs are executed hourly.
  • In each monitoring round, different APIs fail with a 404 error.
  • A delay between requests and a timeout of 6000 ms have been set, but the issue persists.

Steps Taken:

  1. Verified the APIs work locally without issues.
  2. Set a delay between requests to 6000 ms
  3. Set a request timeout of 6000 ms.

Request for Assistance: Any suggestions or solutions to prevent the random 404 errors during API monitoring would be much appreciated.

Hey @Johnsonnz :wave:

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What’s the construct of the URL, does that depend of something dynamic and does that resource exist without some other prior step before the 404 responses.

A 404 is telling you something isn’t found, it’s not throwing a 500 errors or anything around the authorisation.

We might need to know a little bit more context here.

Thanks for the reply @danny-dainton

Yes, The URL is dynamic but when I check in the postman, I am able to see the correct url with the expected parameters, still I am getting 400 error. when try to run it manually it works fine I am getting 200

So there’s a big difference between getting 400 and getting a 404, which you original stated in the title and description.

400 points more at the structure of that request and it not being populated correctly. What does the Postman Console show for that request? How is that different to a 200 request?

Are you able to add additional logging into the scripts to log the specific request details and see what might be happening here?