Getting 504 Gateway Time-out when updating a collection

I am running a script that generates the postman collection from an open API specification using the openapi-to-postmanv2 script and then pushing the collection to postman via API.

When running the postman PUT operation for updating a collection:

I am consistently getting a 504 Gateway Time-out message. The collection is quite large, so it takes a while to process, but I’m wondering if there is any way around this? Right now the only option I have is to delete the collection and re-add it, but then the ID changes which is not really ideal.

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I don’t think that there is currently a simple solution for this - It is something that we are researching, to hopefully provide an easier way of doing this and avoiding the timeouts.

We do have these endpoints on the Postman API that allow you to update individual items in the collections but I’m not sure that this is going to be what you’re after.

If you do use/try out the endpoints mentioned above, you’re going to need to use the Accept:application/vnd.postman.v2+json header in the request.

Yes I think the amount of effort that would have to go into using the endpoints API would be prohibitive. Hopefully in the future they will make some kind of async endpoint that can be employed to update large specifications. For now I think I will just go the route of deleting and re-uploading a new one.

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