API/ENDPOINT - ENDPOINTS not in the software api doc

Good Morning All,

So I am new to API so I have question for experts on this field. So I work in CRM field and use third party software like Integromat now known as ‘MAKE’ to make API calls.

So the question is, since I use the software’s API endpoints docs to do all the API calls. Would it be possible to do API calls that are not on the software’s API documentations?


Hi @bayungrai

It depends on what you mean by “do API calls that are not on the software’s API documentations”.

The end-point would have to exist for the call to be made…

Could you maybe elaborate a little bit to help me understand your question more?

Thank you very much for your reply @w4dd325 , I really appreciate it. So there is this software called Quill which a legal MIS system. They have their endpoints documents to do certain endpoint call.

I had a talk with the software support team and they have stated that some of the tasks are currently not possible via their API. <— Does this mean that it can be possible via custom API?


I would read that as their API endpoint (the code that delivers you data) simply doesn’t have the ability at this time.

If that is accurate then you wouldn’t be able to force the endpoint to give you data it shouldn’t be able to… and if you could do that then there would be a huge security flaw …

Happy for someone to correct me on this but that’s how I’d read it.

@w4dd325 Thank you so much for your help.