Contract enforced endpoints as separate collection

We’re in the process of creating an API that we’ll eventually “port” our desktop application into.

We’re starting with order tracking endpoints because we know that we’ll be able to market that functionality to our current customers first. Everyone wants to be able to track their orders remotely.

We’d like to use contracts and contract testing to ensure that we don’t break our customers current functionality when we make modifications to the endpoint.

Should we create a separate collection that only contain the endpoints we plan on publishing externally? Maybe have its own definition?

It seems like overkill to have every endpoint we have in the collection when we’re only going to use a few for providing the customer with tracking ability.

Thoughts? Best practices?


There is nothing wrong I having multiple collections that serve different purposes.

Who is writing the contracts? I did an overview of contract testing in Postman. Not perfect, but maybe it helps you get started?

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