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Hi All

I am busy investigating adding documentation to our project constituting 15 services all part of a larger micro-service and 100+ endpoints. Which for us this is very large :grin:.

I see that Postman allows you to create documentation from your collection which imports all the examples and descriptions both for the request and body parameters. This would be a great help for us as a lot of that is already done in the app.

My question is, from the exported documentation, can one make an API call as done in swagger documentation or would one have to go through the postman app?

Based off the following YouTube tutorial by Postman it does not seem possible, but is a feature we really need. As this will be used by help-desk personal outside of our organisation and having them download and install the app is a hard dependancy that we would very much like to avoid.

To do the documentation in Swagger would just take too much time and resources at the moment and is something that we would like to avoid as much as possible!

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @vectra_mobile

Welcome to the community :wave:

Yes, currently API calls can only be done from the app. But we do have a feature request on similar lines:

Please add any additional comments on the thread that might help our engineering team to consider the same. In any case, you are free to submit a new feature request for this - thank you in advance for the inputs : )