Creating custom APIs

Hello all,

I’m new here and wanted to know if I can find an expert who’d be able to create for me custom API’s. The details are below.

I’m searching for custom APIs. My developer and I will be attempting to connect several features and document management options to our platform. One of these options is the ability to file, or renew a passport, visa etc. Since this can be done through the government’s website, I wanted to know if anyone can create, or has access to an API that will allow us to directly connect with and integrate our platform with said government’s website so we can offer our customers the ability to use our services and file for their passports or Visas directly through our website and expedite the filing process? Subsequently, do you have or can you create an API that we can use to connect to a foreign government’s website in order to allow customers to file for international visas and expedite the process?

Let me know.

Thank You.