API 101 test failing

Hi Team,

I’m trying to complete API 101 certification.

Here’s my collection link which I’ve completed till now, still lacking 3 points however each of these has been incorporated in collections.

Following is screenshot of what’s failing,

Hi @SkynetRest! I just had a very quick look at the first issue coming up for your collection–you haven’t added auth at the collection level (you’ve added it to requests instead of the collection as outlined in the instructions). I would recommend maybe starting again and working through the steps!

Hi @suesmith,

I’ve added it at collection level as well however first test failing is still failing.

Make sure you update your collection link by going back through the Share option.

Thanks @suesmith can you give me some insight on last remaining test failing and how to solve it.

Used query and path parameters | AssertionError: expected to have a length above 0 but got 0

Try and look back through any of the requests/lessons that involve using query or path params.

Retrace your steps and work through the material to debug the issue, you will be so much better off for doing it rather than being told the answer :grin:

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