Submit Postman API Tester Collection

Good morning, greetings to all. I hope they are well. I need help, I am in the Postman API Tester certification. But I can’t send the collection, it shows me an error. And I don’t understand why. If all the tests passed and the collection too. I hope you can help me. Have I already obtained the certification or is something wrong?

Hi Randy, can you share an image of your Test script for the request which is showing the error?

I have finished the certification. What I don’t understand is the error. The test fails me. And the truth is that I don’t know why. Failure is proof of delivery of the collection.

Your collection link looks wrong.

It looks like you have posted a link to the HTML page that lists your collections.

So instead of getting a JSON response that shows the collection, the request is returning a HTML page.

It should be in the format.

As per the instructions.

Get your collection link

You can generate a public link to share JSON representing your collection. First make sure all of your requests are saved.

  1. Open the collection and navigate to Share (click it on the left or use the right-click menu on it).
  2. Choose Via API and generate a new token if needed.
  3. Copy your collection link to the clipboard.
  4. Replace {{your-collection-url}} with your collection link in the Complete training
    request (you can save it as a variable using this name or just paste it straight into the address).
  5. Check out the Test Results to see if your collection is complete!

It gives me an error now. Where the assignment is not supposed to be completed.