Share Environment to another user without making public

I am trying to share my environment setup with another user on my team. Since it for a proprietary API, I do NOT want to make it public. I also do not want to share the entire workspace because I am rather particular about my setup and it seems that if the workspace is shared, other users can edit my collections and I don’t want that to happen either. (I should note, we are not developers; we are product owners/testers - our goal is to send requests and get responses from the API, not to edit the resources themselves.)

When I open an environment (click on the ‘eye’ next to the environment name and then click on ‘edit’), i see a link to Share, which opens the “Share [Environment]” modal. In the modal I see “Share link to the environment” with a Copy button or “Move Environment”, which I don’t want to do.

Share dialogue:

I’ve shared the link with my colleague and when she tries to import it (Workspaces > Import button > Link), she sees “Error wile importing: Format not recognized.”



Is there some other way to share or copy an environment setup without sharing the entire workspace?

In older versions of Postman there was a gear icon/cog next to the ‘eye’ button that would allow you to import environments from a JSON file, but I can’t seem to find that option anymore.