After Postman Sunsets Scratchpad can I still use Newman?

Will the open source Newman still continue to function after Postman sunsets scratchpad? I need to use Newman locally without sending any data to the cloud.

Hi @steve-the-j - Scratch Pad is an offline feature within the Postman desktop app, thatโ€™s not related to Newman. You can continue to use Newman.

Just to clarify @jetison - if environments and collections are being deprecated in the Lightweight API client offline replacement for Newman, what will happen to existing Newman commands that reference these environments and collections?

Will newman only work after Sept 15th with a โ€œrun allโ€ type command, or will there be a way to restrict which endpoints/tests are run?

You can continue to use Newman to run collections - either collections exported as JSON files or using the Postman API to retrieve your collections saved under your Postman account.