Adding descriptive text to a request

In the slightly older version of Postman (where Runner was opened in a new window), I could swear that one of the actions (the 3 dots to the right) available for a request was Edit. This gave you the option to add comments about what the request was testing, maybe what results were expected back etc etc.
In the new version where you drag your collection to the middle pane for Runner, that option doesn’t seem to be there anymore.
Has it been removed, or is it hidden somewhere ?

That was not part of the runner window, it was at the top of the request itself.

Now you can find a list of different items on the right side context menu, when you have the request open in a tab.

You will see icons for documentation, comments, code snippets and an information section.

As it’s a context menu, these items will change slightly depending on the entity (Collection, Folder, Request, Mocks, Monitors, PRs, etc.) you currently have as the active tab.

This image was taken from a different thread but this is the context menu that you’re looking for.


I explained myself badly. The runner bit was simply trying to indicate what “version” of Postman I was running at the time.

Thanks for the help. It’ll be the comments option I’m after.

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