How to add a note to a Request?

Hi all,

Looking for a tip. I would like to add a note to a request. My best idea for now is to add it to the JavaScript Per-request script preceeding // for JavaScript to ignorere it.

Any better ideas?

Thanks, Frederik.

Hey @fkristensen

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing that tip :trophy:

You can use Inline Comments to comment against different parts of the request.

You can also leave top level comments against the Request, Folder or Collection. :grin:

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Sweet - thank you @dannydainton. Do you know how to get that comment out from the Postman API?

I don’t believe that those would be available through the Postman API but the API will be gaining some additional features soon (no timelines for any of those yet).

OK, it doesn’t seem like it no. Thank you.