HTML report for multiple iterations

I have 50 values in a CSV data file and running 11 tests for every iteration. How can I create a clean report for all the tests (50*11)?

I am running the below command :

newman run “{name of the collection}” -n -550 --reporters=htmlextra

However, it runs the same test 550 times. I want to write a command that fetches the request input from the CSV file one by one and prepares a cumulative report for the tests that run for each iteration. Could someone please guide me on how to run it for all the iterations?

Pretty sure this can be achieved through the collection runner and data files.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by 11 tests for each iteration.
Do you mean 11 requests in a collection\folder or something else.

Importing data files | Postman Learning Center

Th same can be achieved though Newman with the “d” command line option.
You don’t need to set the iterations, it will run once for each line in the CSV file.
I think you do also need to set the iterations if you use a JSON file instead of a CSV file.

Newman command options | Postman Learning Center

The CSV file comprises of 53 data speeds. There are 2 requests in the collection and the second request is dependent on the first one. There are total of 11 test scripts/functions that I have written in both requests that run for every data speed (i.e. every iteration).

I know how to run it using the collection runner but I need to generate a clean report for all the iterations, and that can be achieved using newman. However, even by using -d filter, it does not generate the correct report. Could you please share the command?

What do you mean by “it does not generate the correct report”?

Is it just the format of the report, or is it not running through the CSV file?

Do you have screenshots, or examples of what you mean?

newman run “Nokia 7360 XGS - getConfiguredTemplates.postman_collection.json” -e “Triad_dev01.postman_environment.json” -d “Nokia 7360 XGS Datasheet.csv” -r html

I ran the above command but it failed all the tests in 12 seconds. When I run the tests from the collection runner, the tests pass and take around 7 minutes of runtime.

Failed with what errors?