401 in curl/httpie but 200 in postman and error creating proxy session

I am trying to troubleshoot the following behavior:

I can make a successful request in postman to my remote https api which requires auth (oauth1).
I try to copy the request as curl and httpie which both fail with a 401 in the cli.

I’d like to troubleshoot this, and tried enabling the postman proxy. Enabling appeared to work, but when I press “Start Capture” the app fails with “Error creating proxy session”. There don’t appear to be any errors in the logs.

Other things I’ve tried:

Toggling "Encode the parameters in the Authorization header”.

This appears to be due to an open issue OAuth1.0a Signature Different when using variable in Request URL · Issue #10165 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

The request URLs in our collections use a variable, and we are all-in on oauth1, so this greatly affects us.

@dannydainton do you know if that is on anyone’s radar?