30 Days Developer Badge Submission

I was trying to claim the badge for the 30 days and got an email to say to check day13. All of the tests pass on postman submit and also using Newman. I have looked at the documentation and not sure of what else I need to do for this. Anyone else had an issue with this day and able to submit it.


Hey @jamesyk34 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Would you be able to share a link to your Public Workspace so that I can take a look at the requests, please?


I think I found it:


Hi @danny-dainton, thanks. Can’t seem to work out the issue. Think, I have followed the instructions and all the tests pass on the submission request, Newman on the command line and postman cli with results returned to the cloud.

I would take a look at the variable scope and additional details that it’s specifing for the species request.

Thanks so much Danny. Not sure I would ever have picked that up, had been staring at it for ages !!!

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You’re welcome.

Sometimes it’s easier to see these things, with a fresh set of eyes. :eyes:

Hope that’s all sorted now and you have your badge. :trophy:

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