250 collection runs per month on Professional?

250 collection runs per month is very little.
The plan above this is more than double what we currently paying.
As a startup, do you have any advice for what we should be doing?


Hey there! These limits will come into place between the 15th of Feb and the 15th of March based on your plan - more info will be shared by email directly.
If you face any issues with the new pricing please reach out to our support team who can help you out: help@postman.com

This seems artificially stingy for running something locally. Our team is just getting started using postman, and now need to rethink if this is the right tool.



How will the support team be able to help? Apart from to try and upsell to higher paid versions.

This is severely limiting a key feature of the application. Postman has two key features that only works with the runner. setNextRequest and Data Driven tests.

It will also impact on the forum use, as these are the topics that users struggle with. It’s less likely that someone will help with screenshots if it consumes the very limited runs that they have available.

I really don’t understand the logic behind this as this feature uses zero Postman Cloud resources when run locally in the desktop app. Why would there be a limit? Who asked for that feature? What problem is it solving?

As others have mentioned, we have only just started using Postman and this will mean a rethink on our end. Bit of a shame really.


Yes, this makes no sense unless it’s just a cash grab to try and get people on more expensive plans. The limit of 25 on Basic is even more nonsensical. The blog post said it was about “align[ing] with the value” but paying $12/month should get a lot more than 25 runs a month isn’t a good value, at least for users. The family plan for Microsoft 365 only costs $10/month and you get access for 6 users.

Isn’t the whole point of running a collection locally that it shouldn’t need anything to do with Postman servers? Or has that changed and it now does report to Postman and they realized how much money they could make from it (the value referenced by the blog post)? If it does use Postman resources for some reason, how about a truly local option?


We purchased one year of the Basic plan in January, when the conditions still said unlimited collection runs.
Does somebody know if the new limits apply to our existing licence as well or only renewals/new licences? If yes, it is very unfair.

I have reached out to support as suggested by @arlem yesterday, and asked them this question, no answer so far.
I tried to post this question 2x under the blog post which announced this change, and never got an approval for it to appear (not to mention an answer).
I am follwoing this thread and also following the other thread about the free licence:

There is no definite, official answer/clarification anywhere. This silence and lack of communication/clarification about this HUGE change makes me worry even more.
If the colleciton run limit goes live today and effectively blocks our work, I fear we will lose trust in this company.

So let’s hope they reconsider this, or at least provide clear information asap.


I’m just waiting to see what actually happens over the next month.

If the limits do apply as advertised, then we will probably look for different tooling, as I’m not going to mess about running and doing the initial testing in Newman even if the end goal is Newman\CI.

Just after I spent 3 months getting used to the Postman Sandbox and the features.

For free\basic plans. The Postman client will only be useful for testing individual tests. You won’t be able to run the entire collection or even a series of requests in a folder. How daft is that? Specially when you consider that the desktop client uses no Postman Cloud resources for this feature.

No more data driven tests, no more looping using setNextRequest.
A tool for testing, where you can’t run the test suite.

You probably won’t be able to complete the Galaxy 101 training in a single month on the free\basic plan, as I’m pretty sure that will use more than 25 requests using the runner.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I can’t see why there should be any limit at all on local collection runs through the desktop client. Same as it is now. Pretty sure its not a feature that anyone asked for.


@bmarlok support should be getting back to you in the next few days. If you’re on a paid team you should be getting an email explaining the changes and how the change impacts your team based on your plan. If you’re not getting it I’m sure the support team will be able to transfer it again.

FYI the limit will take effect from the 15th of March for teams on paid plans, only free teams are getting the new limits from today.

While I can’t say when someone will be able to reply to everyone here I can assure that I’m forwarding all the feedback you’re providing here internally.

ok, thanks.
I was also wondering wether it’s Feb 15 or March 15 for the Basic plan. As the blog post said February but the email mentioned March.

I can confirm it’s March.

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This is a really bad idea


We have been using Postman for many years (overall, have appreciated the tool) - I understand if you need to make some money but these plans simply do not make sense and they have stopped us dead in the middle of testing for a release - - If they are not changed in a hurry then we will be changing to another tool ASAP -
Robot Framework is a great suggestion for anyone looking.


Confirmed, non-enterprise users have been restricted

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Concur. $1K+pa per user just to use your own computer more than a trivial amount is a really challenging commercial proposition.

I’ve been using Postman (for some years) on the free plan, so obviously I accept that the company is entirely free to set whatever constraints they want on their tool and maybe they don’t see any point in expending resources supporting freeloaders like myself. I can also see how a pricing change like this might get some people to upgrade to a more functional plan, however reluctantly. I don’t really see how this is going to attract new customers, though; I certainly wouldn’t have even looked at Postman in the first place if the pricing was anything like this.


We’re frustrated by the recent news about changes to Postman’s pricing plan. It’s unfair that paying customers on the basic plan now get the same number of local runs as the free tier. We rely on Postman for our daily work, and now we have to choose between paying more for the same features or losing access to functionality we’ve come to depend on.

Having to resort to workarounds like running the suite in Newman to debug is not ideal, and it’s not what we expect from a paid product. We feel like our loyalty and investment in Postman is being devalued.

We’re now considering whether moving away from Postman is our next move.


Honestly, this is completely unacceptable and has triggered our migration away from Postman.

It’s one thing, and completely ok to lock new functionality behind additional payments, but to take away features (or in this case, restrict usage to the point of making them almost unusable) from customers already paying them, who have made this tool a core part of our workflow is something that has hugely damaged trust in the Postman product.


This change seems really detrimental to the Postman user base. In order for us to have unlimited LOCAL collection runs, we will need to pay over 3x as much to move from professional to enterprise. What is the reasoning behind the chosen limits? Even for the free plan, 25 local collection runs seems so low.

What counts as a collection run? Anything through the runner? What if we are trying to debug or troubleshoot an API issue? We would probably run into that limit pretty quickly. Why should we continue to use a tool that imposes what seems like a very unreasonable limit like this?


Time to find a new tool. Anyone have any good prospects?


Insomnia is a great replacement.


We happen to be looking for a new API documentation tool. This may change some decision making.