15 Days postman for testers - day 6 API not working ((Help)

The URL http://security.postman-breakable.com when making the POST to generate a new user is bringing as a response.

Error 403

“message”: “missing credentials”,
“status”: “FORBIDDEN”

It can be solved to be able to move forward with the tests

I’ve just tested this and its currently working.

I removed the username and password from the JSON request so it was sending a blank object and it brings back the same error as you are receiving.

You need to add a JSON body to the request with a username and password.

  1. Set up a new user: Find the following request in the The Good Bank APIs collection, and duplicate it over to the Setup folder.
  • POST Create User
    Under the Body tab, update the username and password of your new user. Make a note of this information using any method you prefer. Hit Send to create a new user. The response will contain a user_id. Create a collection variable called user_id with this information, using any method you prefer.
  "username": "uniqueUserName",
  "password": "password"
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Thanks, make the change and it works OK