Response shows error code 1: user not logged in

I am using POST method. This is the error I am getting:


I am new to postman. I am using app and sending requests via interceptor. The request works fine on other systems. Is there any other setting that I need to have before this request?

Hi @ashuterminator welcome to the community :slight_smile: ,

Are you providing the login credentials correctly? If so please check if any access token is used for your request and whether it’s still active or not?

Could you please elaborate on your issue with some screenshots? It will be helpful for analyzing the issue more.

How to put the token in POSTMAN?

@vanbumi Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Can you please provide more details here? What kind of authentication you are using? To know more about the Authorization types kindly read through this :blush:

If you still need any more help, kindly create a new topic and provide the details!!

I request you to read through this before asking any queries in the forum for better assistance :slight_smile: