15 days of Postman - for testers badge submission

Hi Team,

I’m trying to submit for 15 days of Postman - for testers badge, When I submit for badge I’m getting the below message:

Hey there!

Your submission for the Postman badge failed one or more tests. Please fix the issues, save your changes, then resubmit in order to get your badge.

Make sure your workspace contains all of your collections (at least 18), an environment, an API, and a mock server. Also make sure that the name of the workspace doesn’t contain one of the following words: 15, fifteen, postman, day, challenge, test, testers

Best regards,

Postman Developer Relations Team

I passed all tests, and I don’t see anything pending.

Since the message doesn’t say what’s wrong it’s difficult for me to identify where I’m going wrong. Am I missing something here? Please help me to get the badge.

Workspace ID: b85edf8c-ac98-47c3-83cd-7fb4920b25e0

Thanks and Regards:
Vishvambeurth J T

Share uyour Public Workspace url link…

I got my badge after adding the API in the API section.

Okay, Congratulations :smiley::v:t3:

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