15 days challenge

i keep getting this response at each day’s challenge:
a 404 not found message then this response body below
“error”: {
“name”: “instanceNotFoundError”,
“message”: “We could not find the collection you are looking for”

The error is telling you that the collection can’t be found.

Are you retrieving the collection ID correctly, and adding it to the URL as per the instructions?

Can you show an example request that is failing?

I used three random days 01,10,04

For days 01 and 04 i added the collection id directly to the request URL after copying it from the info indicator of the submit section of each collection and got back the same response.

For day 10 . you would see that I added the collection id as a variable before sending the request.

use the link attached above. thank you

You added the ID for the request, not the collection.

Notice it says “Request Details” instead of “Collection Details”.

i really don’t understand . can u make that clearer

Postman uses Collections, Folders and Requests.

All of these elements have their own ID’s.

You are adding the ID for the request, not the ID for the collection.

You need to submit the entire Collection for analysis, which will return a JSON file with all of the collection details. The Tests tab for the submit request then has a bunch of code\tests that check this JSON response.


“Day 01: API Client” is the Collection which you need to get the ID for.
Not the submit collection request.

When you select Documentation → Information
It should show “Collection Details”, not Folder or Request Details.