Write response to CSV and upload to Google Drive

Hi Experts,

I’m a newbie and don’t have engineering background, but was able to pull the data from specific reporting API contained simple aggregated report(date, item, values) by using Postman.

My question:
I’d like to make this response to CSV file and upload to specific folder in my Gdrive to share the team without manual process meaning 1. press send button → 2. save the file → 3. upload to Google Drive.

Followings are some progresses details.

  • sample report data

About writing response to CSV
I was able to save response to CSV into my local directory by following here. (huge thanks!)

However, when I try to put my collections to Monitor, I received “This request does not have any tests” and it seems like I cannot use Monitor with local host.

About writing response to CSV
I was able to set Google API Authorization set up.

I assume I need to put several tasks into process, but couldn’t move forward.
It would be great if some one can help on this.

Thanks in advanced

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try using google sheet instead , if thats what you are focusing on . This collection is about retrieving data from google sheet bt you can use a token with edit scope and change the data also

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Hi @praveendvd ,

Thanks. Unfortunately, the need is pull the data from 3rd party’s API and feed them into Google Sheet.
[Retrieve data as CSV from API ] → [Write response CSV to local] → [Update into Google Sheet]
Enabling these 3 steps automatically is what I’d like to achieve.


why you need an intermediate step of writing to local file, it would be better to write to google sheet directly

I wasn’t sure how pulled data from 3rd party API automatically write into Google sheet directly.

I’ve set both requests(Retrieve Google Sheet, Data Driven), but not sure how I can use with pulled data from 3rd party API.

I’ve run Collection Run but, nothing happens.

Each request works fine individually.

  1. Retrieve Google Sheet
  2. Pulling data from 3rd party API


  1. postman-echo.com/get

see how to write to spread sheet , just keep first request to read the data from 3rd party request and store it to a variable .

and in second request use that variable value to write to the spread sheet :slight_smile: i haven’t got time to look into that please free to ask if you get stuck some where