Send Response to Gooogle Sheet

I want to make a specific GET Request for our Products from our Shopify Store.

How can I send the response into a google sheet and vice versa send the data from google sheets into postman (for instance when changes are made).

Hey @arneshape , You can check out the Sheets API  |  Google Developers if that’s helpful.

Hey, yes thats very helpful, but can youu tell me where do I have to put it in postman e.g. this code to write a single row:

var values = [
    // Cell values ...
  // Additional rows ...
var body = {
  values: values
   spreadsheetId: spreadsheetId,
   range: range,
   valueInputOption: valueInputOption,
   resource: body
}).then((response) => {
  var result = response.result;
  console.log(`${result.updatedCells} cells updated.`);

Some of the ways to write to sheets are:
One is from server-side code using googleapis - npm
Another is through REST API, where you can make use of their REST API and send request through Postman.

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