With a great beard comes great responsibility

Questions for Kin: Your beard is awesome. I’ve found it difficult to get good length while maintaining “fullness”. What, if anything, would you recommend I implement in my daily/weekly/monthly upkeep?

Also, what’s your favorite framework when implementing an API?

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For me, the best maintenance is forgetting about it. The more you tweak on it, the more you will end up with some funky looking trim jobs. This is difference between being a hipster or hippie. But, never forget some beard lotion like “Mr. Rugged Beard Lotion Conditioner” – nobody likes a flaky beard!

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My favorite frameworks are Slim (https://www.slimframework.com/) when I am writing PHP and Strapi (https://strapi.io/) when writing Node.js.

But increasingly I’m using AWS API Gateway + Node.js Lambda to get the job done, no framework needed!