"Windows protected your PC" warning while installing Postman for Windows

From Postman v7.6.0 onwards, we use a new code-signing certificate to digitally sign our Windows installers. Due to a change in the Subject Name in this certificate compared to our previous one, some Windows users will see this blocking warning from “Windows Defender SmartScreen” while installing Postman v7.6.0 and above. This is expected during the initial few weeks while this new application & new certificate is being distributed. Please follow the steps below to install the application in case you encounter this warning.


Step 1:
Click on “More info” in the dialog

Step 2:
Click on “Run Anyway”

Why is this happening?
In order to combat new & unknown malware, Windows operating system & anti-virus softwares rely on a reputation score that is built over time. This reputation increases as more users install and trust Postman apps.

This reputation is tied to the software publisher, who is mentioned in the digital certificate & code signature. Due to a legal name change in the previous year, the publisher name we use on the new certificates has changed to “Postman, Inc” instead of the earlier “Postdot Technologies, Inc”. This essentially resets our reputation (which was tied to our previous name) and we need to rebuild our reputation under this new publisher name.


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