Will a newly created Fork takes in the newly edited APIs, or it will still takes in the old APIs?

Hi Community,

i want to find out. If I created a Fork in Postman, then I deleted the Fork, and then I edit some of my APIs, then I recreate a Fork.

Will the Fork takes in the newly edited APIs, or it will still remain the same old one?


Thank you!

Hey @joshlab,

The Fork should be the current saved state of the Collection you’re forking.

Are you seeing a different behaviour?

Hi Danny,

I notice that when I deleted the previous fork, and created a new fork after I made the changes, the result didn’t change. It remains the same as what it was before I made the changes.

Thank you.

Were those changes saved before making the new fork? Were they new requests/folder or were they only changes inside existing requests?

It’s hard to tell what’s going on there without more visual examples or a short recording of what you’re seeing on your end :smiley:

Oh I think the most current Fork will do. Might just be I need to wait for a while to see the update reflected. Thanks Danny!

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