Automate Rest API using java with postman

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I am new to API testing.I am trying to Automate the API using postan but dont know how to automate the API with postman using java.Please let me know how to process in this.
I googled it but didn’t found a solution.

Hope I will find my answer here and I will very thankfull to you guys.

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Bibhu Pandey

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Automating your API tests with Postman is possible using JavaScript. It is the only supported language to write per-request and test scripts in Postman.

Here are some useful resources to get started:

# How write API Tests with Postman: (Valentin Despa)

# Intro to Postman:

# Automate test runs using Newman:

# Articles:


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Thanks for sharing the helpfull content.
Thanks a lot.

Bibhu Pandey

Hi @bibhuTest12,

Looks like you are trying to use Postman JavaScript tools to do some automation. I’d recommend the above videos and you can also look at this pre request and test script video I made:

Postman Pre Request and Test Scripts Tutorial - Introduction to Postman

Additionally, you can watch the whole intro series I made for a good basis on Postman.

Introduction to Postman Tutorial

Now if you’re trying to use Java to run Postman requests, you can do so via Postman’s api and building requests in Java from Postman. Or you can use Newman that you can kick off from your Java code.

If you can elaborate a bit more on how you’re trying to run the automation, I’d be more than happy to provide more details :blush:.


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