Why do we need to sign in before using the app?

Hi, everyone!

I’ve been using Postman for while and today, when the app asked for updates, I notice from now on the users need to sign in to use the app.

The question is: How do we need to sign in to use that app? What is the matter for that?
Sometimes we are working on a private project and we don’t want to have our data being collected by anyone else.

Unless the reason for that is very clear I don’t feel comfortable to use that app knowing that someone may be watching me and my projects.

Hi @moacir.costa.squadra

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Creating an account enables you to sync and access cloud features. But as you mentioned, if you do not wish to sign in - you can click on “Skip signing in” which will let you use the application without an account :slight_smile:

Also below are a few resources for your references: