Where is the Developer tab? And where is the "Click to validate" button?

I’m trying to update a collection from a schema as demo:ed here:

API Builder | The Exploratory - YouTube (API Builder | The Exploratory)

But I can’t find the “Develop” tab nor the “Click to validate” button.

I’m using Postman version 10.5.2 on Mac.

Please advice :slight_smile:


Hi @bl0h
My understanding is that this changed in v10.
The ‘Click to Validate’ is now automatically done when changes are made to the schema.

You can see my similar question in the comments here (answered by Postman);

Hi @bl0h @w4dd325 the latest version of the Postman (v10) has a redesigned API builder experience. Read my blogpost to know more.
As for validation from schema to collection, we are reintroducing that flow in Postman v10 with the improved feature set. For now it is not available in the Postman V10. I’ll update the thread once we have the feature back again.

Thank you for the update @shashank.awasthi
The link that you posted. Is it the correct one?
Or were you referring to this one?

My bad - yes this is the correct link. That link is for the documentation which should be good as well.