Collection Variables don't seem to be working

My question:

I’m not able to get Collection variables to work. I first set the variable in the Collection Variable Tab (See screen shot). I then create a new request that uses the variable but Postman says the Variable is Unresolved (See screen shot).

Also, If I set a collection variable by right clicking on a value in a request, it works, but when I look at the collection variable tab, the variable is not there.

I seem to be missing something fundamental so some help is appreciated.

Details (like screenshots):

Hey there!
Sorry you’re having some trouble with this. Definitely not the kind of experience we want our users to have!

There have been some issues with Postman Sync this week. You can check for service interruptions on the Postman Status page here.

The other possibility would be your internet connection. Are you perhaps behind a proxy or on an unstable connection?

Could you try to save the collection and retry after closing and re-opening your Postman tab(s)? Could possibly be a conflict issue.

If this continues to occur, I would recommend opening a support ticket here.

Hello @dadwhocooks, Welcome to the community :partying_face: Good to have your here. Could you please save the collection and try again? I see that the “Save” button is enabled, once there’s no new updates, it will be disabled :wink: