What are the Path Variables? How to use them in UI?

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I’ve imported a collection and see on the Params tab “Path Variables” section with keys/values pairs. Values are in {{var_name}} format.

I’ve never seen such section before and don’t see how such keys can be added. I always used Collection for the variables and didn’t like to use it for some URL path values that can be changed often during the testing due to many clicks to set them up.

I might missed but wasn’t able to find out in the documentation about Path Variables.


They use the :path—variable mechanism in the url. It’s just another way to parametrize the call.

Here’s more

And here’s the reference in the postman docs.

Thank @alexsirota it’s exactly what I was looking for. The imported collection had a wrong reference in URL {{var}} instead or :var

It’s functionality I was looking for awhile.

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Done. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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