What is Flows and how does it work?

Hello, I am new to postman. However, I have created a collection with 4 requests. But, I am running each request manually one by one. It is because I have to get the data from the result after running each request then, update them to the VARIABLE as the CURRENT VALUE. Then, run the next request.
I am seeking to automate the requests to run one after the other automatically. Is this what Flows can do? If not, please advise or guide how I can achieve this.

Many thanks!

Thanks for asking this!

To answer your first question - What is flows and how does it work ?

Postman Flows, is a visual tool to create API workflows. You can use Flows to chain requests, handle data and create real world workflows right in your Postman workspace.

Check out this video to see how they work :

It sounds like you ultimately want to create API workflows which you can also create using Scripts , Variables , and automate using Collection runner

I have a blog which may be helpful to show you how you can create automated workflows

In this blog I show how you can build workflows by

  1. Chaining requests
  2. Sending Asynchronous requests
  3. Looping over requests

All of these works flows use scripts, variables and the collection runner to automate end to end. You can take a deeper look into the request scripts by forking this collection : Postman

If you have 4 requests you could consider using pm.environment.set() and pm.environment.get() variables to set and get environment variables to use in other requests.

Let me know if you have more specific questions after taking a look at these resources

Thank you pooja for your reply and the detailed information!
Currently, each request’s body is raw and JSON.
The first request is to create a request and requires to manually enter the request item name(s) to the Environment Variable because, it is different every time. In the Body of each request, it contains the payload with Variables. After manually entering the request item name(s) in the Environment Variable, then I can click Send.
The second request is to assign to someone. I copy the generated request ID and the request number manually to the Environment Variable from the first request’s response. These values are to be used in the url referencing a variable.
The third request is to approve the request that uses the same url referencing a variable as in second request
the fourth request is to close the request that has a request url referencing a variable
So, I am trying to have some automation flow to run the 4 requests (within the same collection) without manually running each request one at a time.
However, when running each request, it requires to get a new access token.
Is it possible to use Flows to do it or I need to create scripts or please provide other suggestions or guidance?
Thank you and your help is greatly appreciated!