Can we save multiple workflow in the Collection Runner?

I know we can chain requests with postman.setNextRequest() to create a workflow.

Now what if I have multiple work flows that use different APIs?
For example:
workflow 1 API A → API B → API C
workflow 2 API A → API C

I see one request only have 1 test script. So I don’t imagine we can hard code multiple postman.setNextRequest() logic from different workflow into API A’s test script.

I want to know, is this feature Building request workflows | Postman Learning Center meant to be a quick and temporary playground to test the requests? It doesn’t mean support persisting complicated & multiple workflow in the same collection???

Right now, setNextRequest() will only allow you to chain to other requests in the same collection, they can’t go “up” the tree and into another collection.

One way around this would be to build out a Flows chain where you can build blocks which can call any collection request within your workspace, choosing different environments for each one, etc.