What can I contribute back?

I would like to add C# code generation to the web documentation for a collection, but I have not found the code responsible for the pages. Is this something I am able to contribute back?


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Hey @allen.helton!

You can definitely contribute to the code generation repository – https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-code-generators.

We’ve recently added C# for in-app code generation. To see it, you’ll need to navigate to Settings and toggle Experimental Codegen mode on version 7.2.2+ of the app.

The C# code generation (along with the others that were added) isn’t available on published documentation yet but it’ll be added in the near future. In the meantime, consumers of your API docs can use the Run in Postman button to import the collection to handle the code generation in-app and to explore your API a bit more.

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Alright cool, thanks @Chris!

Any timeline for C# in the published documentation piece?

Unfortunately, there’s no public ETA just yet :zipper_mouth_face:

And just to be clear, that was not an area I can contribute to?

@allen.helton Very excited to see that you are interested in contributing to Postman! :trophy:

The web documentation codebase is maintained internally by Postman engineers, so you cannot directly contribute to the code. It uses the postmanlabs/postman-code-generators repo as the underlying system to generate the code.

The DevRel team at Postman (which I am part of) are working on building clearer contribution pathways for community members. Till, then, why don’t you open a feature request for this on the GitHub issue queue? And while you are there, feel free to add your opinions to the open issues there.