What’s new in Postman 7.36?

Hey folks! :wave:

Make way for Postman 7.36! Can’t wait to find out what’s in store? Download the latest version here. :loudspeaker:

For all you Dart enthusiasts out there, fresh from the oven and baked right into Postman, starting 7.36 you can now generate code snippets in Dart. :dart:

Generating code snippets in Dart

When you have a request in Postman and want to make the same API call in a different language, code generators in Postman can save you the effort. There are a lot of supported languages and frameworks for code generation, and Dart is now a part too.

Code generators in Postman are open source. If there’s a language/framework that isn’t already supported, feel free to contribute - https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-code-generators

That’s it for the highlights! If you’d like to see the complete list of improvements and bug fixes that were part of this release, check out the full release notes .

Don’t forget to download the latest app , and let us know if you have any feedback!