What all are the validations can be added for the below response to get the succesfull test validation for "name"

“results”: [
“age”: {
“name”: “suhas”,

Hey @suhashc :wave:

It might be worth taking a look over this guide on asking questions:

It will help you to know the correct level of detail and structure needed to get the best possible answers.


Hi dannydainton,
As per your suggestion I searched for valiadtions from that i got some solutions as well but maximum they have used "_foreach. " scenario and if we use that and if the response is null then the test validation will skip.
Can you please suggest any test validation…

My suggestion was more to do with the missing details in your question, it’s not telling anyone anything about your problem.

I posted the link so you could see what sort of information is needed in your question.

Having all the details in the title and adding an unformatted piece of JSON isn’t really giving other people a great deal to go off. :grin:

Okay thanks i will modifie the question according to that.