Webhook's questions

I am a French student and I am a beginner on Postman. Right now, I’m trying to learn how to use Webhooks through Postman. There are several things I would like to know and for the moment I can’t find what I want in the documentation.

I am currently working on Netbox. On Netbox we can create, update or delete objects. And I would like to see, receive every action done in Netbox thanks to Postman. Is that possible?

Can we return a response with a parameter found in the received json for example?

Thanks a lot for your help. I hope my english is not too bad and that my questions are not too stupid.

Hi William,

  1. You will have to start by creating an outgoing webhook on Netbox. You’ll find more info here: https://netbox.readthedocs.io/en/stable/additional-features/webhooks/
  2. Your payload will be available in the Global objects.
  3. You will have to parse this data. The payload would ideally be available in the ‘data’ parameter inside the object.

You will have to keep in mind that only JSON data will be available using this method.

A similar example is available here: https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/developer/blog/2016/09/01/using-postman-to-set-up-webhooks

Do not forget to check the webhook documentation here: https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman/monitors/integrations_for_alerts/

Let me know if this helps.


First of all, thank you for your quick answer.

This gave me new ways to achieve my goal. Following your message, I carefully checked the parts/indications (this morning) you gave me. However, I still have questions about things I don’t understand, even with the full documentation provided by Postman. Firstly, when I create a Webhook, I have to inform a URL where Netbox could POST the data. But I don’t understand what this URL is.

At first, I put the URL of an example I created in a request with a mock server. But that doesn’t seem to be the solution. On the other hand, you and the documentation say that we need to use global variables. Compared to what I have seen, there is the possibility of assigning an initial value. But I don’t understand how I can indicate that I want to store json files that come from the Netbox’s Webhook in this global variable. What indicates what information the variable should get in return?

I tried to read the documentation (you advise me) before asking you these questions. But I still have difficulties. I hope I have made myself clear once again.

I guess I still lack the common sense and experience to know how to take full advantage of the documentation.

Thank you for your help : light_smiling:

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