Webhook parameters within Postman API/Cloud

My Question:

I’d love to know more about the allowed parameters (likely optional) to send in the JSON body to “setup” a webhook that triggers a collection run within Postman API (or Postman Cloud). The webhook is mentioned here in Postman ( see first link below in the “Related Resources…” section). Currently, the parameters I know of so far (to generate the remote collection run URL) is this:

        "name": "some-name-goes-here",
        "collection": "your-collection-uid",
        "environment": "your-env-uid"

What I’m hoping is the ability to add things like (1) in-between call delay (2) a data file (that could loop/iterate runs (4) retries on fails and (3) other items that newman allows for (I realize that’s pretty open ended – I noticed or “think” newman is the backend client/process that is executing the collection/env run). I’m looking at list of newman settings here: Newman command options | Postman Learning Center

“side question” – I’d love to know more about downloading/archiving the run data “after” the collection run occurs…Not sure if that’s possible today but it would be really cool to have…Sorry to go a bit off track here.

Related Resources I’ve Researched:

(1) Triggering runs with webhooks | Postman Learning Center

summary: intro in this subject area – has some good links to jump into other details)

(2) Postman API

summary: goes into example API calls and payloads that create/generate a webhook for collection execution in the cloud

(3) Automate all the things with Webhooks: Postman live stream on Twitch - YouTube

summary: Postman twitch video that dives deeper into a live webhook buildout. This shows how the environment UID can be specified. This is a really great video!

(4) Postman Webhooks | Postman Level Up - YouTube

summary: concise video that goes into some details within the webhook


Any info/help you can give here would be greatly appreciated