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Dear team

First of all, thank you for your time.
I have played with demo of webhook and it seems like i did not have to go to any other webhook provider when Postman is offering, so thank you Postman.

But, I am struggling to get the notification on the Postman webhook when the status of the payment get changed although i am subscribed to it.

So what i have done:

  1. Fired up the postman webhook sent a webhook URL.

webhookUrl": "

  1. Then subscribed to the even notification supplying the webhook url
"eventTypeId": "payment.status",
"notification": {
"type": "WEBHOOK",
"url": ""
  1. Then created the payment
  2. Changed it status

I did not received the notification.

But, The webhook is within the same workspace where i am subscribing to the event and for the payment

Any tips on what i am missing so when the status get changed it is not been notified?
Did i mis-understood the Postman Webhook notification service?

Thank you for your help and insights in advance.

Hi @punbijay. Welcome to the Postman Community :postman_logo:

I think thereโ€™s a bit of a misunderstanding. Webhooks in Postman can do two things.

  1. Trigger a collection run via a POST request: This allows you to remotely run a collection or workflow in an automated fashion from any environment where you can make an HTTP request. You can even pass dynamic data via the request body. This appears to be what you did on item 1 above, the webhookURL listens to a Post request that will trigger a collection run.

  2. Custom Webhook for notifications: This lets you provide Postman with a customer webhook URL. Postman can send events about the following activities to this URL depending on which you set an integration for:

  • Updates for a Postman Collection.
  • Monitor results.
  • Team activity feed to custom webhooks.

In any case here, you do not subscribe to events but rather listen to them or make an HTTP request to trigger a collection run.

Hello @gbadebo-bello

I appreciate your time responding to the thread.

So considering the target i am trying to achieve i.e to send any change on the status would best suit on Configure custom webhooks, Did i understood it well?

So my scenario is, letโ€™s say I have 3 status, which are โ€œAโ€, โ€œBโ€ and โ€œCโ€.

If any time the status is changed, something will trigger that action and I will receive a notification of that change via webhook.

So, if the status is changed to B from A โ†’ on the webhook listener, I want to receive it as a notification as โ€œBโ€ where the listener is listening to which is on webhook itself.

Is this possible with Postman webhook using Configure custom webhooks?
If so, can you provide me with examples?

Thank you again for your time.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi @punbijay.

Since you already have a webhook listener on your end, hereโ€™s how Iโ€™ll advise you set this up.

Set up a monitor or run your collections on a schedule. This can be at specific intervals (hourly, daily, etc). In your collection, write some tests to check for the current status. If you notice a status change, send an HTTP request to your webhook endpoint notifying you about the change.

You can find how to send an HTTP request from a script here

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