Webhook call via Zapier is not triggering Postman flow

We send some information to Postman via POST in Zapier. Most of the requests run normally, but some remain with the following status: ‘Webhook event has been received, waiting for flow to run’. As a result, the information we need is not returned because the flow does not run. I saw a related topic, but there was no response regarding this case. I searched for information in various places and couldn’t find any information related to this issue. Do you have any idea what could be causing this?


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Thanks for creating this topic - I’m going to refer to @flows-daniel on this one. He might have an idea about what’s happening. :pray:t2:

Hi @HigorCHS

This status occurs when the webhook was successfully received but the Flow hasn’t finished executing yet. If it stays in this state, it typically indicates that an infinite loop was encountered in the flow which prevents it from succeeding (green status) or failing with an error (red status). Occasionally, it’s possible that the grey dot could be caused by a network error, but if it’s happening consistently it’s likely something within your flow.

I’ll make a request to add detailed explanations to our docs.

Happy to help with debugging if needed.

Hello @danny-dainton, thank you very much for redirecting my topic.

Hi @flows-daniel. Thank you very much for the response, I will investigate if there is any infinite loop or logic error in my flow to check if this issue is fixed. Thanks for the help!

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