Webhook call from Hubspot workflow not starting Postman Flow

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My question:
Brand new to Postman - I’m trying to build out a basic integration between our CRM (Hubspot) and our Project Management Tool (Teamwork) that utilizes Webhooks inside Postman Flows. When a Hubspot workflow calls the Webhook - I can see the request but the flow doesn’t actually start. I get a message saying ‘Webhook event has been received, waiting for flow to run’. I have another flow built where Teamwork is calling a Webhook and everything kicks off fine when that workflow makes the call. Hubspot looks like it is generating the proper request - but I can’t see what is actually hitting Postman.

I’m at a loss as far as how to troubleshoot. I try setting up a basic Flow that just puts the request to Log, but still nothing is even being logged even though I see the requests come in (see screenshot below)

Anyone have any ideas?

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