Flows Webhook Response Body

Dear Community,

I was wondering if the webhook starting a Flow can return at the end data within the response boady. At the moment it only informs that a flow has started.

“event”: “65bddde3905306c3853d182f”,
“timestamp”: 1706941923138,
“state”: “processing”,
“message”: “A flow run has started for this webhook call”

However any error messaging to values I would generate I would like to show to an FE. Is this not possible in flows?

Hi @sonic-sw

Since Flows run asynchronously, we return a status to show that the webhook was successfully received, but not the end result since that’s not known yet.

Greetings @flows-daniel ,
once more thank you for your time.

arg, then my thought of using Flows as a low-code backend for some processes for the front-end will not work out ;-(. Same as I liked what I see sofar