View in web not working

I clicked the View in Web button after creating the API documentation.

The API docs did not render. Instead, I am redirected to Dashboard.

Originally it was rendered without any problems, but suddenly it didn’t work.

How do I view the document rendering page?

We have the exact same problem. View in Web worked fine up until a few days ago but now we just get redirected to the Dashboard. Tried a different browser but no dice. What changed?

Hm… Suddenly it doesn’t work.
I create a new account and test it the same.

Hello! Apologies for the confusion here, we are tracking this as a bug and working on a fix. In the meantime you should see View complete collection documentation to the right of the page you land on, clicking that should let you see your docs!

Hi @suesmith. Sorry, I wasn’t clear about the documentation view I’m trying to access. The View complete collection documentation link just opens the docs in another tab. What I’m looking for is the three-panel preview/edit mode that (mostly) duplicates what the final published docs will look like. Since I can’t figure out how to get there any more, I can’t attach a screenshot. But it’s the view shown from 2:15 onwards in your training video here.

Hi @suesmith.

Looking at the “API documentation with Postman” video,
when a user clicks “View in web”, they will be directed to the following URL:{...}

But I go to a completely different url:{...}/documentation/{...}

Nothing has changed my working environment.

I tried deleting/creating workspace and registering with another account, but it is the same.

I don’t know why this is suddenly happening.

Apologies again for this, the issue is caused by us being partway through transitioning what happens in the dashboard to Postman on the web. Can you try following the Publish Docs option from your collection edit menu in the app instead of using the View in Web button? You should hopefully see an option to preview your docs there (via Edit Settings if the docs are already published).



It looks like the Preview Documentation button has been added, but an error occurs.

401 You are not authorized to access this resource

Oh weird, it’s working for me on both published and unpublished docs–are you signed into the account in your browser?

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Yes, I use Postman Application on Windows 10 64bit.
When I click the “View in web” button the session is shared on the web browser.
The dashboard of the logged-in status is displayed.

This error occurs in published and unpublished, and document publishing is fine.

And this is happening when you follow the Publish Docs option from the app?

Just wanted to jump in to clarify, in case there is still any confusion.

Previous behavior for App V7:
Collection -> ‘view in web’ used to take you to private documentation. Where you could view complete documentation and edit descriptions.

Current behavior for App V7:
Collection -> ‘View in web’ will now take you to the complete documentation view on Postman- web. This view serves the same purpose as the previous private documentation on the dashboard. You can view complete documentation and edit descriptions.

Publishing from App v7
Collection->options->Publish Docs will direct you to the publish flow on the dashboard where you can preview your documentation before publishing, select the required environment, versions, styling for your public documentation. No change here.

You could also publish from Postman on the web for the same result.


Are you still facing errors with preview? 401 Not authorized. Can you confirm, please

Maybe the redirection to Postman-web is failing for some reason. Can you share the screenshot of the page you land on once you click on ‘view in web’? It will be helpful to figure out what’s the problem here.

Video capture of 401 error

View in web not working

Previous behavior for App V7

Is there any way to use this feature?
The redesigned features are not intuitive. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for sharing @joint-operations-adm.

Let me get back to you on the 401 error.

As postman moves to the web, our aim was to give a more integrated documentation authoring and consumption experience and hence these changes. I would appreciate any feedback on the new documentation view. Specifically, what do you not find intuitive? some details would be helpful.

A cumbersome process has been added

  • The Publish collection process is required to see how the current document I wrote is printed to users.

  • The previous version of “View in Web” had a very nice advantage of being able to edit documents while previewing them.

Wide monitor environment

  • The documentation page for the new version is two columns. I wonder why it does not support 3 columns. As the Request and Response sections are shown in one column, the vertical scrolling becomes long and it is very tiring.

  • The width of the documentation-body-container is 1024px.
    Wide monitors create unnecessary horizontal margins.

  • In humans, the focus of the eye is fixed to the left.
    When it comes to editing documents, I’m tired of looking at the Sidebar and JUMP TO.