Variables not showing in Send Request

I have defined a variable in the URL of a request, but the variable is not showing in the corresponding Send Request block.


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Could you expand on the details here, please?

I can see that you have a variable in the URL in the first image but that’s not in the list of variables in the second image. :thinking:

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Thanks for your reply.

Exactly, that’s the problem. Why is the variable that is in the URL of the request not in the list of variables of the Send Request block? :thinking:

Please let me know what details I can expand on.

My question was inferred based on the 2 images you posted, as you didn’t specifically state what variable was missing in the sentence that you wrote :sweat:

Is that assetId part of an environment? The image looks like it’s being resolved by something. Is that the same as the other ones you have there?

Is that a newly added variable in the request and the changes are not saved?

Yes, I have added the variables to the environment to see if that changes anything (it doesn’t). The variables shown in the Send Request block are referenced in the Authorization part of the request (Configure New Token).

I have added the variable assetId to the request URL and double checked that I saved it and refreshed the variables in the Send Request block.

I just have a basic request with some variable set and I can see those in the Send Request block:


The only way I can’t see a variable from the request showing in the block, is when the Request not saved :thinking:

Which version of Postman are you using?

I am using Postman for Windows version 10.17.2.

I have just tested this with Postman for Web, and there the variables show up in the Send Request block. And now the Windows version is showing them as well. :grinning: :thinking:


That’s good to hear!! :heart:

Hope the issue has been solved for you now and you can continue exploring Postman Flows. :trophy:

Yes, many thanks for your help!

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