Delete variable in Send Request blocks not working

Recently started trying Flows in Postman, and it’s really nice.

A minor but annoying issue is - once a variable is introduced into a Send Request block, it sticks there. “Right Click → Delete” doesn’t work. We have to recreate the whole block so we don’t see those unneeded variables.

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The variable would be within the actual Request in the Collection. If you open the Request in a new Tab, removed the variable and save it - That should remove the variable reference in the block.

For a basic example:

The test_var is in the block:

I remove the {{test_var}} from the request and Save:

It’s now removed from the Block:

Thanks for the detail explaination, Danny!

I think there was a glitch in syncing between the request definition and the flow block. At one point, I have a variable populated twice in the flow block, and I couldn’t remove either of them. Refreshing the page didn’t help, either.

After deleting the variable in the request definition, both duplicate variables are removed in the flow block. And re-introducing it in the request definition populates only one variable, as expected, in the flow block.

Hey @roylee17 :wave:

Has this now been resolved?

Can we close out this topic?