Valentino Artisan Coffee House API training

Hey guys,
I need some help with understanding how to cope with “Valentino Artisan Coffee House API training” as it is a part of the “Galaxy Testing and Automation”.

@vdespa, of course, I have familiarized with the documentation and tried to complete everything as described, but please clarify, do these Assignments exist as separate collections?
Asking, cause in the documentation of the Assignment #1 one part (at the top) pertains to the collection “Valentino Artisan…”, but the second one (at the bottom) refers to the collection “Assignment #1”, but it is impossible to move on to the second part until you go through the first, where is that “Invalid API key” error:

I was under the impression that API authentication has been clarified in Lesson 5 - Using Postman variables to store secrets.

Did you watch that particular lesson?

The last screenshot for the verify your work request is fairly standard for these types of courses.

The request retrieves the entire collection and has tests to check that the requests have been setup correctly. This will require an API key from your Postman account in order to retrieve your collection. The documentation for this elements looks correct.

However, what appears to be missing is the instructions on how to generate the API key for the requests under the orders folder. It doesn’t even mention the API key in the instructions.

This will be an API key for the API. (Not Postman).

I think I found the matching collection.

Test Automation - Valentino’s Artisan Coffee House API | Postman API Network

Were there any sign up instructions for the course, before you are directed to the collection that might have the API key and the information on adding it?

Hi @vdespa,
My history is just I have initially engaged in the Galaxy Testing and Automation training, but after passing it I faced this notification:

which redirects to your training:

So, no problem for me to take one more, but I need some help with it.

Regarding Lesson 5 it is also no problem to take a lesson to pass a training, which allows me to pass the previous one etc)))

Could you please share a link to it or support me a bit with your training?


Hi Mike and thx for your prompt response!

My history is just I have initially engaged in the Galaxy Testing and Automation training, but after passing it I faced this notification:

which redirects to the training you mentioned about and I got stuck a bit:

So, regarding sign up for this course, it’s none - just redirection by the link and fork the collection to my workspace as usual as others.
Also wondering what API key I could get…


Take a look at this course, I think it will help understand what you are doing:

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Thanks for the link, but I’m sort of in agreement with the original poster here.

How are they meant to know that they have to through these YouTube clips?

Why isn’t the setting of the API key just included in the documentation? Or the YouTube links contained in the documentation at the beginning?

@michaelderekjones I agree, some aspects could be improved.

At least the public workspace directly links to the course. In the video course, the authentication part is explained.

Is there anything else that could be improved?


Did you edit the course description? As I’m fairly certain the link at the top used to just repoint itself at the collection.

I can see that it now points to YouTube so hopefully this will point users in the right direction in the future.

Yes, I’ve fixed that link which was not working properly.


Hi @vdespa ,
hope you’re alright!

First I would like to appreciate you pretty much for the training and generally for your intention to help such newbie like me to master the intricacies of the Postman. Your training is truly the best I have taken recently.

I have now completed the Assignment#2, but I mean there are some typos in the documentation.
They are quite insignificant but truly confusing a bit so as I failed the assignment from my first attempt.

  1. “Get Collection ID” refers to “Assignment #1”, but it is talking about the collection “Assignment #2”, so I used the wrong ID at first.
  2. {{collection_uid}} - a letter is missing here. I guess it should be {{collection_uuid}}.

Whether or no, taking into account such amendments, I have managed the Assignment#2.

What do you think?

Best regards,

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Thank you @iggyf for your constructive feedback.

I’ve corrected the two typos in the documentation.

Good luck with the rest of the assignments!


Hi dear all,
I completed Assignment#5 of this training and all its tests have been passed successfully, but for some unknown reason I can’t get a badge.

This is the text of e-mail about this issue:
"Hey there!
We weren’t able to automatically check your submission for the Postman badge. Please make sure your collection or workspace is publicly accessible and that you’ve used the correct URL for collections or ID for workspaces, then submit again.
If you’re still facing issues please give it a few days and someone will look into it. "

Could you please specify what kind of URL or ID exactly I should use for this badge applying, so as there are plenty collections in this training (each assignment is the different one), plus ID of the workspace (of course it’s public). It is a bit confusing so as the e-mail and instruction mention about both collections and a workspace…
Whether or no - I tried to use all of them one by one, but to no a success.

Thanks in advance,
cc @vdespa

Hello @iggyf did you get a response? I am facing a similar issue I submitted a request for a Badge two weeks ago but I still haven’t received a response> I tried submitting again today twice but received the same email above while my tests are all running and passing with the correct workspace ID

cc @vdespa

Hi @khadijat-sulaiman,
There were some guys being in different chats, but I didn’t get any useful responses.

Guess, nobody cares about this training…
So, it’s a bit bummer, but as they have said - hang tight)


Hey @khadijat-sulaiman

I can see that it’s failed twice but I can also see that you submitted and a badge was awarded, using the same workspace id.

Thanks @danny-dainton, I found it Appreciate you

By the way can you please take down the screenshot @danny-dainton it contains my full email, I wouldn’t want to be spammed

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