Error in Assignment #2 (Valentino Artisan Coffee House)

Hi everyone!

I am trying to complete Assignment #2 Valentino Artisan Coffee House but bunch of test fails. Get AssertionError (see picture).

CollectionId and Apikey did I check.

I tried all I could but without any luck. Maybe someone else had the same problem and could help ?

Hey @jitkanadenikova :wave:

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Could you share your Public Workspace link, please? It’s easier to see what’s going on than investigating a static screenshot of the failures.

It’s returning the correct Collection which is good but references that it’s looking to check are not defined. There could be that the names of the requests don’t match what’s expected and then in turn fail the validation.

oh sorry, I forgot to post the link. It is easier to see what went wrong.

In the instructions, it’s asking you to duplicate all the folders from the collection. Then drag them into the Assignment #2 collection.

You only have the requests inside the API requests folder and not the folders plus the requests inside them.


Due to not having the folders - The tests are failing to resolve the references in the tests that check that those sub folders are present, before checking the tests:

Well, that was very sloppy reading by me. :upside_down_face:
It works fine now. Thanks!

Anytime - Happy to help. Good luck with the rest of the training! :pray:

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